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Raduno Internazionale di Light Painting a Roma, venerdì 3 e sabato 4 marzo 2017.

annamaria monteverdi/ Marzo 2, 2017/ light painting

Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) comunica a tutti i diretti interessati, a progettisti e lighting designer, l’opportunità di partecipare al Raduno Internazionale di Light Painting a Roma, nelle giornate di venerdì 3 e sabato 4 marzo 2017. L’associazione internazionale Light Painting World Alliance (LPWA) – che raggruppa numerosi light painter provenienti da tutto il mondo – organizzerà infatti a Roma

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Breve storia del light painting da LPWalliance Part one

annamaria monteverdi/ Marzo 2, 2017/ light painting Painting with light as a process was born together with photography. More precisely – photography was originally images drawn by sunlight! The very name of the first imprinted images attests to this – they were called “heliography” that is literally “painted the sun.” The author of these heliographs was Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (France), and the first heliograph in the

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Vjsuave: moving projections

annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 24, 2016/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, FOCUS

Vjsuave is Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, a new media art duo based in Sao Paulo, as specialists in moving projection; they create movies that are poignant, warm and personal, crafted from hand-drawn media, transformed into digital animation then projection-mapped in a way that seems to bring streets alive. Characters walk across the landscape with a convincing blend of movement

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Angela Di Tomaso aka AiDiTi Vision: Light painting e audiovisual works

annamaria monteverdi/ Maggio 27, 2015/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, FOCUS

ANGELA DI TOMASO aka AiDiTi Vision Multimedia artist  (Isernia, Italy 20/01/1988). Angela began studying art at a very early age, she always mixed different artistic disciplines in her work: drawing, painting, photography and graphics. Her interest in live video, projection mapping and motion graphics was fuelled during her Erasmus exchange in France where she lived for one year 2010/2011. During her academic

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