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XTH Sense: the first biocreative instrument

annamaria monteverdi/ Marzo 16, 2017/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, interactive performance

After 5 years of development, creative workshops worldwide and published research, the world’s first biocreative instrument, the XTH Sense, is ready! Help us raise the funds needed to manufacture the first batch. Without your help we cannot make it on our own. By pre-ordering the XTH Sense now you contribute to bringing this innovative open hardware and open source technology

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Marco Donnarumma “Corpus Nil” at NIME-New Interface for Musical Expression

annamaria monteverdi/ Maggio 27, 2015/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE

Sketches for body-machine configuration: Corpus Nil From Marco Donnarumma’ Website “Brewing in studio is a new body performance for sound, light and biotechnologies entitled Corpus Nil. Through a choreography that strains the edges of muscular tension, limbs torsion, skin friction and equilibrium a non-human body of flesh struggles to take form. The sound of the muscles stretching beneath the skin

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annamaria monteverdi/ Aprile 27, 2015/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE

“Nigredo combines some things only the best artworks can do : It uses newest science and technology to create an intimate response, it is still very emotional and physical, and it is definitely an unforgettable experience.” Alain Bieber, Art Critic, ARTE Creative Nigredo Nigredo (2013) is a private experience of altered self-perception and biophysical media. Developed at STEIM, in collaboration

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Marco Donnarumma: next workshops and performances of biophysical interactive music and video

annamaria monteverdi/ Marzo 3, 2014/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE

Watch Ominous, an incarnated sound sculpture Watch the new video of Ominous, the incarnated sound sculpture I recently performed at ICT & Art Connect event at Watermans Centre, in London, UK. This new piece for the Xth Sense plays with the audience perception, creating the illusion of an invisible object molded by whole-body gestures. It is the natural sound of my

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Anna Monteverdi

annamaria monteverdi/ Gennaio 14, 2014/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, FOCUS

Anna Monteverdi teaches History of the Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Art in Lecce and unitl 2015, Multimedia Drama at the Brera Academy. She is an expert in Digital Performance, has published several books, essays about videomapping and theatre, interaction design for theatre, curated exhibitions and cooperated with many artists. She curated the first Italian edition of dramas by Jeton

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