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Laser show: compilation

Laser dance Mirror family production



Kvant Laser show “The Prolight+Sound 2014, 56 KVANT lasers were used:
41 x ATOM 800
3 x SPECTRUM 5000
2 x ATOM 1500XT
1 x ATOM 6000

Laser show by DR Enchant Intesity

Draw in lights is a unique contemporary project connectiong fine art | electronic music | lights | lasers. After many years of travelling around Europe and the rest the the world, Martin Gabco, Luka Brase, Bohus Aliensky Levcik and Peter Krchnavy decided to bring something new to the audience and create this project. Art of Luka is not anymore just in 2D perspective. With exceptional laser programming of Martin the work became 3D and even more. Bohus as a sound composer and Peter as cinematographer creating also new layers of all projects.