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Golem, micromapping on sculpture by BK studio

GOLEM est une rencontre en l’art antique et l’art numérique moderne. La sculpture et la video s’associent pour créer un sentiment d’inquiétante étrangeté.

Ce projet questionne le manque de vie inhérent à l’image virtuelle et à la sculpture. Golem explore la fine frontière entre la réalité virtuelle et la représentation matérielle. Golem is an installation using antic sculpture and video to create the uncanny feelings. Instilling the living and the human in the non-human, this work questions the deception of the virtualized image of the living and our empathy for a picture of the reconstructed body, in short the sensitive border between virtual reality and virtuality real”

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Direction artistique / création Arnaud Pottier (BK)
Direction technique Julien Aubry
Motion design Arnaud Pottier, Etienne Guiol





Aileen by Alex POPA, selected work for FIMG in the category of Micromapping

Aileen is an attempt to focus on a stratified world. Substance is represented in a material light form, providing a psychological maturity. An attempt to create clarity, to make some light.


 Alex Popa was born on 1992 in Brasov, Romania. He is graphic Designer, 3D artist, Motion Grapher. Graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (IT) after a longer trip to Germany he decided to pursue his studies in Game Design, in Augsburg (DE). His style is shaped by a combination of graphical vector techniques and 3D Graphics, mixed all together by some surreal concepts.