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Digital Provence: TeamLab for L’Occitane

From September 16th, the Shinjuku branch of L’Occitane hosts “Digital Provence”, an installation “powered” by teamLab.

A digital gallery space on the fourth floor of the store utilizes beauty products by the French retailer to create an immersive experience all around the visitor. The Digital Provence Theater installation harnesses the fragrances of the L’Occitane wares, revelling in the signature lavender of Provence.

loccitane shinjuku teamlab digital immersion provence installation

The ground floor has two further installations: the Fragrance Wall, a mirror that projects Provençal flora around you and releases an aroma; and the Flower Table, which displays the natural sources and applications for L’Occitane products when they are placed on the surface.

loccitane shinjuku teamlab digital immersion provence installation

Even in central Tokyo, visitors can get a virtual sense of the region in which all of L’Occitane beauty items are produced.

The new installation is supported by French and Provençal tourism bodies.,123,2,69000,949885.htm

The interactive installations by teamLab

The internet has changed the relationship between people and contents – people participate in and have become a part of contents. In this interactive art work the viewer’s presence mixes with an abstract world of squares and delicately drawn grid lines.

Ito Jakuchu (1716-1800), was an early modern Japanese artist active in Kyoto during the Edo Period. Jakuchu has left us with a unique style of painting where the surface is made up of a grid of tens of thousands of squares or tiles that are individually colored. This work shares the motifs and method of expression of Jakuchu’s, “Birds, Animals, and Flowering Plants”, and “Trees, Flowers, Birds and Animals”.…