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Visualia summer edition (Pula)

Visualia Summer Edition will repeat video mapping, D-Stroy by Undertoon, witch was premiered at the Festival Visualia in May 2016. In case you’ve missed it or you simply want to see it again, join us on 13th of August 2016 at Forum. Program begins at 21:30 hours so we suggest that you come a few minutes earlier because projection starts precisely on time and ends at 21:35 hours.

>>Visualia Group interactive light installations<<
This year’s novelty is repeating interactive light installations by Visualia Group. At Forum will be presented interactive light installations “Visualia Wall”, “Magic Garden” i “Residence of Light & Music”. Installations will turn on after video mapping is watched and will stay on until 23:00 hours. In description below, find out in what ways it is possible to interact with these installations. They are artworks of creative informal artistic Association – Visualia Group, hardworking group active through all year.

VISUALIA WALL – wall with two faces. On one side this wall is interactive and respond to movement and sound created by passerby. On the other side it has a screen that will display promotional videos.

MAGIC GARDEN – in case you need a place just to relax, this is a right installation for you. Let your imagination guide you in a journey of creating your own garden that will fulfill your needs. Magic Garden is an interactive light installation that merge new technology and the beauty of nature through light and music. The garden is filled with magical mushrooms that comes alive with a simple hand movement and wake up the artist in a visitor. Using sensors, visitor chooses which color is going to fulfill different parts of the garden. But watch out, no magic last forever! Make sure you capture your own creation.

RESIDENCE OF LIGHT AND MUSIC – this fun interactive light installation consists of a three lighting and musical benches that contain the sounds with different instruments. With a simple hit on the surface of the bench, visitor can create his own melody or simply by connecting via Bluetooth on it, he can enjoy his favorite song. Find out how much skill you have playing on them!

21:30 – 21:35h D-Stroy – Undertoon
21:35 – 23:00h Visualia Group interactive light installations


The event is organized by Association Sonitus and Tourism Office Pula. It’s supported by the City of Pula and co-founded by the European Union – Creative Europe, Spectrum 16 – TRANSNATIONAL Light.

We would also like to remind you that you can visit interactive exhibition Storywood, which was also premiered at the Festival Visualia in May 2016. You can visit Storywood every day from 09:00 – 23:00h at the Museum and Gallery space Sacred Hearts. It stays open until 31st of August 2016.

Visualia Festival,Pula

Visualia Festival will take place in Pula from 07. – 09.05.2015. It is organized by association Sonitus and Tourism Office Pula together in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Istria.

Visualia 2015 will be presented to its visitors in Pula at various locations in the city center, it will bring new light installations, interactive performances, exhibitions and 3D video mapping, and it will use its new concept to completely change the visual identity of the city, which both domestic and foreign visitors will be able to enjoy three days during the festival. In addition to this new concept of the festival (which is made according to models of high-budget world-class festivals with multimillion number of visitors) the novelty lies in local production, at great pride of the organizers: primarily there will be presented domestic “inventions” as the the result of creative minds from Pula and its surroundings, which will be enhanced with guest artists from Finland, Austria and Slovenia.
On the last day of the festival, in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Istria, in the Roman Amphitheater (Arena), there will be a photo and video shooting of the Largest human torchlight image consisting of festivals visitors wearing luminous rings of different colors. With this event, the current Guinness World Record (which currently stands at 3,777 participants) will hopefully get broken!
Therefore, organizers invite all visitors to gather in large numbers in the Arena last day of the Festival, 9th of May 2015 at 08:00 p.m!

The organizers invite all visitors to reserve their time from May 7th – May 9th and to relax and enjoy the new urban attire. Entrance to all festival events is free for all visitors and everybody is welcome!

Sav program odvijat će se od 07. – 09.05. (osim Foruma i Arene) u sljedećim terminima i na sljedećim lokacijama / The entire program (except for events on Forum and in Arena) will run from May 7th – May 9th on following locations in following time schedule:

1. Službeno otvorenje festivala / Official opening of the festival
20:30-21:00h, Narodni trg-tržnica / Market

2. Narodni trg (tržnica); 21:00-00:00h
«Light Market»
interaktivna svjetlosna instalacija/interactive light installation
*by Marko Bolković/Dario Družeta/Emil Koller/Marko Jovanović – Visualia Group

3. Flanatička ulica (21:00-00:00h)
«Light Sculptures»
svjetlosna instalacija/light installation
*by Marko Bolković/Igor Vasiljev – Visualia Group

*workshop by Tilen Sepić (Slovenija)

4. Portarata (21:00-00:00h)
«Laser Harp»
interaktivna svjetlosna instalacija/interactive light installation
*by Circus Lumineszenz (Austrija)

5. Giardini (21:00-00:00h)
«Visualia Tree»
interaktivna svjetlosna instalacija/interactive light installation
*by Manuel Ćulibrk/Mia Petrić/Linda Markušić/Saša Idrizov/Marko Bolković – Visualia Group

6. Danteov trg (21:00-00:00h)
«Wishing Well»
interaktivna svjetlosna instalacija/interactive light installation
*by Igor Vaisljev/Marko Bolković/Mia Petrić/Linda Markušić/Saša Idrizov – Visualia Group

7. Forum (21:30-21:45h)
07.05.2015. «Mappingtoon» video mapping by Undertoon
08.05.2015. «Multiverse» 3D video mapping by Nenad Kraljić (Vacuum Studio)

8. Kandlerova ulica (Zvonik Katedrale uznesenja blažene djevice Marije)
«Raumfahrtagentur: To the stars» video mapping
*by Daniel Horvat/Iva Milaković – Visualia Group

9. Titov park (21:00-00:00h)
«VJ/Mapping workshop presentation» mapping instalacije
*by polaznici edukativnih radionica «VisuaLab/EduSplash»

10. Valerijin park (Park ispod Arene)
«Nordic Wave»
svjetlosna predstava i instalacija/light performance and installation
*by Kari Kola (Finska)

11. Carinski gat (22:30-22:45h)
«Lighting Giants»
svjetlosna predstava/light show
*by Skira

12. Arena, 09.05.2015. od 20:00-22:00h (u slučaju kiše/in case of inclement weather: 10.05.2015.)
«Light Postcard»
obaranje svjetskog rekorda: Fotografija najvećeg ljudskog svjetlosnog znaka/Largest human torchlight Image-breaking the Guinness World Record
*by Arheološki muzej Istre & Visualia Group


13. Dom hrvatskih branitelja (svake večeri do 02:00h)

Festival su podržali / supported by:
• Grad Pula / City of Pula
• Istarska županija – Regione Istriana / The Istrian Region

Sponzori / sponsored by:
• Arenaturist d.d.
• ARA Electronic
• IDD Production
• InEventum

Medijski pokrovitelji / Media sponsors:
• Glas Istre
• Regional Express
• TV Istra
• TV Nova
• HRT – radio Pula
• soundset Giardini
• radio Maestral