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Origins, a Videomapping by Volvox for Panorama Festival, NYC

Volvox Labs [VVOX] uses dynamic motion graphics, lighting, digital fabrication and new media technologies to help artists and brands connect with audiences through creative innovation. The studio creates digital and physical experiences for award winning artists, musicians and iconic brands. First creating high-end content design for music festivals, and then to software development for interactive new media, responsive environments, the VVOX team combines video, sound, architecture and visual effects within dynamic physical spaces and custom built structures.

For the inaugural Panorama Festival in NYC, they used projection mapping techniques to transform the façade of The Museum of Reinvention aka The Lab building into a luminous, living and breathing portal.

Titled, Origins, they created a visual journey, employing a montage of growth mechanisms, microorganisms, data driven generative content and living systems to evoke a sense of wonder about hybrid connections.

they created high-definition video, live action visualizations of natural organic forms projection-mapped onto the surface of the LAB facade, creating the illusion of being contained within its structure. To encapsulate and create a live input from the festival itself, we included generative data-driven ‘moments’, which over time created a genome of the Panorama experience.

Art/Technical Direction Kamil NawratilGenerative GLSL content: Shuvashis DasHoudini tips: rich_lord at OdForce Maxime CauseretCinema 4D ecosystems: Conor StautzThe Lab Mockup Fabrication: Zyia Zhang Hannah FinkProject Management: Pa Her

Art/Technical Direction: Kamil Nawratil
Generative GLSL content: Shuvashis Das
Houdini tips: rich_lord at OdForce Maxime Causeret
Playback system design: Javier Cruz
The Lab Mockup Fabrication: Zyia Zhang Hannah Fink
Project Management: Pa Her