4D projection by Nurformer

Annamaria monteverdi/ Agosto 3, 2016/ videomapping

From http://mc2talks.mc-2.com/2016/06/captivating-event-audiences-immersive-experiences/ 4d Projection – Introducing Michael Jordan ‘Melo M8’ – Amazing Water Projection “Until recently, 3D mapping projection campaigns typically ran no longer than 5-10 minutes. Now, some 3D mapping campaigns now are running for an entire day or week, like animated wallpaper,”, according to Rob Delfgaauw, CEO of NuFormer, a leading developer of 3D mapping projections. But it hasn’t taken

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Videomapping contest 19 sept, Lille

Annamaria monteverdi/ Settembre 12, 2015/ Festival, FOCUS, videomapping

VIDEO MAPPING CONTEST 19 sept. / 21 h Journées européennes du patrimoine Façade du Théâtre du Nord, Grand’Place  The second edition of this video mapping contest is organized as part of the European Heritage Days and on the following theme: “History of the future”. Last June, Rencontres Audiovisuelles sent over to French and international students and professionals in audiovisual, animation film, digital

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VR experience: NuFormer

Annamaria monteverdi/ Luglio 1, 2014/ DIGITAL PERFORMANCE, FOCUS, NEWS

In 2014 Virtual Reality (VR) will be introduced to an undoubtedly fast growing group of users worldwide. With announced introductions of VR goggles like the Oculus Rift the consumer market will soon get acquainted with VR when using these goggles for playing video games in a more immersive way at home. Advanced full body motion tracking systems are even expanding

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