Videomapping “Torre dei sogni” by KONIC THTR for IAM project, Alghero

“TORRE DEI SOGNI“ by KONIC THTR  is a visual poem to be screened on the ‘ Magdalen Tower’,  also known as Garibaldi Tower, an important architectural monument part of the wall surrounding the city of Alghero. It was part of IAM project

It is a tribute to the dreams that will take us to the Neolithic stone world, their goddesses and warriors, theirmasked faces of the ‘mamuthonesor the delicate variety of costumes with which the Sardinian people love adorn themselves.

The tower hides within the memory of this city and the essence of the culture to which he belongs, which has traces back through time, throughout the centuries and the various peoples who inhabited it. The images and music of Torre dei Sogni are inspired by the rich and complex Sardinian culture.